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A short film of The Economic Body was featured at Stockholm Dansfilmfestival at Zita the 21 December. More screenings are to be announced during spring 2016.

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© Studio 109 

Milan Image Art Fair 2015

Six performances were presented at Milan Image Art (MIA) Fair 2015 with dancers Mia Hjelte and Kajsa Sandström in collaboration with Fluxum Foundation and FLUX Laboratory. 

MIA Fair 2015 The Economic Body © Erik Widmanb DSC_0073_2c DSC_0079_2d DSC_0085_2DSC_0071_2 a DSC_0070_2l DSC_0104_2

More information about the performances at MIA 2015

More information about the collaboration with Fluxum Foundation and Flux Laboratory

Photos © Erik Widman and Benedicte Damslora

Captured by the audience

Following the performances at MIA Fair, the project caught a life of its own as many captured the essence of the performance in their own way. Thank you for sharing! Here are some of the photos I found on instagram at #theeconomicbody

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Into a new reality

Process images
Mia Hjelte and Kajsa Sandström

How can different systems in society co-exist under unequal conditions?

you see the reality
you create a model
that changes your perception of the world
into a new world
you see a new reality
create a new model
that changes your perception of the world
into a new world
into a new reality
– Audience reflection, 24-09-2014

Two systems 

like the two poles of a magnet
as though they almost hate each other
they are inseparable
what happens when they meet on equal conditions?
can they meet on equal conditions?
do they want to meet on equal conditions?
will one overcome the other?
or are they like the poles of a magnet
destined to never meet?
Audience reflection, 23-09-2014

Two systems renegotiating dominance… #theeconomicbody

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Analyzing reflections

in drawings and text from the audience at Weld in Stockholm, September 2014. The analysis is part of the iterated phases that generate progress throughout the project. Further choreographic material is created based on the audience’s reflection and in that sense the choreographic process is interactive.

Many different systems
Co-exist in society
Some are more powerful than others
– Discussion participant, 31-07-2014

2015-03-15 17.33.18-1


the interdisciplinary process so far, a PechaKucha presentation was held for Kulturbryggan’s annual meeting at Solliden, Stockholm. PechaKucha is a creative presentation format developed in Japan, consisting of 20 slides shown for 20 seconds each, for a total of 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

“In order for interdisciplinary discussion to occur, one needs to create a situation for it. A choreographer has the ability to create this type of situation through the artistic practice.”
– PechaKucha 10-15-2014


one day of work at Weld, art photographer Caroline Foerster was present during our artist residency in July 2014.

Photos © Caroline Foerster

The initial research phase

of The Economic Body is becoming a short film, documenting the interdisciplinary process so far.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 12.34.16 AM

Artist residency

at Weld with dancers Kajsa Sandström and Sandra Gerdin.

#theeconomicbody #experiment @artdivisionsasse #choreographicresearchatSSE

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